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Where to Hire Couch Tours in Blackpool

Coach Hire Ascot is dedicated to making your trip to Blackpool relaxed and stress free. We provide high class Blackpool coach hire services to travelling groups looking for affordable transport to tour through the city. Blackpool is home to interesting tourist attractions and lively events.

Catch a Coach to Great Events

Blackpool is a haven for colourful shows and memorable events. Concerts are the order of the day and so many people flock this European town to mingle, revel and take home memories. For the concert loving group, there is a fresh show coming up on the 10th of August, Diva through the Decades. Join other classic hit lovers and sample amazing music from Divas who reigned in the 60’s to present day—the likes of Jojo Savage, Diane Lee Carol and Carol Kaye.

If kids are part of your travelling group, they can enjoy a special concert coming up towards the end of August—Sing-A-Long-A Frozen. Held at The Grand Theatre, this will be a large screening of the famous animated movie Frozen, together with lyrics to all the songs in the film. There will also be live acting on stage to bring all the character from the movie to life.

At the opening of September, you can get one of our Blackpool Coach Hire and driver over to the Tower Festival Headland. The First weekend of September will be a live festival dubbed Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on. This will be the best weekend of your life as you enjoy the best genres of music from top Stars from the UK. Over 20,000 partygoers flock the Switch-on from all parts of the UK. You can be part of this fun too and have a convenient private mini coach ride back to your hotel when the show curtains close.

Back at the Grand Theatre, if you are a comedy lover you cannot miss the performance scheduled for the 15th of October. Time Vine, a renowned comedian in the UK will be gracing the stage after four years in silence. This time he is bigger and better with hoards of silly songs, hilarious jokes, twitching dance, satirical performance and of course more jokes. If you are a lover of manic hilarity, this is the show you and your group of friends definitely need to catch.

Perhaps you have your Blackpool trip scheduled for 2016 and not this year. Well even though you will miss all the fun happening now, there is plenty more to come your way next year. Still at the Grand Theatre, the best Blackpool Orchestra will be happening early February 2016. The Tosca (Puccini) is an amalgamation of international soloist performances, high praise choruses and great orchestra performances. The show will be cast on a magnificent Rome backdrop and unique stage attires. The solo lover and orchestra fan will all leave with their minds blown.

Mid-summer of April 2016, the Grand Theatre will host a grand Shakespearean performance from both professional and fresh actors. This tour will be commemorating the 400th anniversary of the great English poet and literature write, William Shakespeare. If you have never watched a Shakespeare play performed in its true authentic English, this is a show you don’t want to miss. The month of July will be an equally lively one at the Winter Gardens where The International Soul Festival will be held. It will be three days of pure soul performances from some of the greatest like Bobby Hutton, Dee Dee Sharp, Gerri Granger and Bettye Lavette.

Things to See in Blackpool

As you await the exciting shows of Blackpool, you cannot resist the thrill of touring the city and unearthing its beautiful edifices and picturesque sceneries. With our affordable minibus hire in Blackpool, we provide you an easier and faster access to these attractions and a driver to chauffer and act as your guide on your request.

Even when no show is happening inside, the Grande Theatre is still a magnificently architecture building with artistic detailing. A tour inside the theatre feels like something from a fairy tale story, with the beautiful chandeliers great dome arrangement and grandeur sculpture on the walls. At night, the theatre is even more spectacular when the outside lights come on making the pristine architecture glow in the dark.

Speaking of art, don’t fail to drive over to the Grand Art Gallery to view some of the based painted work from Blackpool. Stroll through the spacious serene hall and gaze at the exquisite paintings that give you a glimpse of life and art from the beginning of the 19th century. If you are travelling with children, don’t miss the cool Coach Hire Ascot drive to Nickelodeon Land and Beaver Creek. They are both animated worlds where kids converge and do what they do best, interacting with some of their treasured cartoon characters.

Our Minibus hire in Blackpool packages are affordable enough to help you get around the city without any problems. Our buses are fully serviced, insured and will come with a driver on your request. Visit our website and we will gladly provide an ideal minibus for your entire group.