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8 Seater Minibus

There are many things to see and do in the town of Blackpool. If you are travelling to the seaside resort, do it in style with Blackpool coach hire. We have a wide fleet of vehicles available but our 8 seater minibuses are perfect if you are with a small group of people.

We have lots of amenities on board and our positive testimonials from customers all around the country show that we are the best company for miles around. Some of what our vehicles offer include air conditioning, cd/dvd players, comfortable seating and on-board catering. You can even turn the minibus into a ‘party bus’ and a few extra features will be included with your booking.

When planning a fun trip with family/friends, having your travel arrangements sorted out means that you can sit back and just enjoy yourself. If you are looking for minibus hire in Blackpool, there are many reasons why we stand out. We will provide you with a very competent driver with extensive knowledge of the area, meaning that he can even advise you on places to visit in Blackpool. Our vehicles are sleek in their design and much more comfortable than what they might seem. We serve areas in and around Blackpool and once your booking is entered into the system, you can trust that we are the most reliable company for the job.

Now that you’ve found yourself here on, please get in touch and have a quote instantly emailed to you. Simply fill in your details on the left hand side of the screen and we will get back to you right away. You will not regret booking with us at Blackpool coach hire, so what are you waiting for?